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"Tzu" means "love" and "Chi" means "to help". Tzu Chi literally means compassion relief, to help with love.

Tzu Chi is a humanitarian social organization founded by Master Cheng Yen in 1966. The headquarter is based in Hualien, Taiwan. Tzu Chi has so far expanded to 48 countries in the world and has delivered relief aids to more than 120 countries regardless of different ethnicity, race, and religion, because we are based on universal love.


In Indonesia, Tzu Chi started in 1993 and has spread to 13 provinces. Traversing various islands in Indonesia, we together engage in 4 main missions and 8 Dharma footprints:

Mission of Charity


Mission of Medicine

Mission of Education

Mission of Humanistic Culture

Environmental Protection Mission

  • “Directness, Priority, Respect”
    In providing disaster relief, Tzu Chi adheres to the principle of “directness, priority, need-oriented, respectful and swift response”. The principle of “directness” conditions volunteers to interact directly with beneficiaries. "Priority" serves as a guiding principle to decide whom to help. While “respect” reflects that Tzu Chi volunteers always respectfully view the aid recipients as fellow human beings.
  • Mission of Charity: Universal Love for Others
    The spirit of giving lies in compassion. Not expecting any retribution, but for the sake of cultivating inner happiness. Inner happiness can be obtained by helping people in need. Compassion has purified our hearts, makes us peaceful and comfortable, and enriches our minds.
  • Mission of medicine: Be The Light in Darkness
    Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) members around the world share the same determination by contributing to the community. They gather love and seize time to protect and love life. Everyone should be able to realize the blessing and work together to strengthen and expand the power of love by inspiring others.
  • Mission of Education: Passing on the Values of Truth
    The mission of education in Tzu Chi carries a mission to nurture talented people from generations to generations. Building educational institutions is like planting trees. Once planted and cared for, then the trees will grow and big. Later, these big trees will produce oxygen, cool, and protect all of us.
  • Mission of Humanistic Culture: The Spirit of Humanistic Culture
    The mission of humanistic culture lies in the heart of all Tzu Chi`s missions. The mission of charity requires the application of humanistic culture values. Likewise, the mission of medicine and the mission of education require the spirit of a humanistic culture in their implementation.
  • Environmental Protection Mission: The Manifestation of Love
    Planet Earth is our common home. If the Earth is not healthy, naturally there will be many disasters afflicting humans and other living things. Tzu Chi always encourages volunteers to serve as the role models in protecting and preserving the environment. Preserving the Earth is our collective responsibility.

Is Happiness

We welcome you to join us by volunteering or by donating to those in need. Let's join and find happiness while sharing goodness.

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News and Inspiring Stories about Tzu Chi Missions and Volunteers

Joyous Day for Sentani Residents

Joyous Day for Sentani Residents

08 October 2021
Thursday, September 9, 2021, was the most beautiful day for Mama Since Monim. She is 37 years old and was one of the victims during the massive floods, which occurred on March 16, 2019. Due to the disaster, her house was swept away by the floods that overflowed from the Kemiri River.
Relay of Compassion, used to be Helped, Now Helps

Relay of Compassion, used to be Helped, Now Helps

08 October 2021

After eleven years of not seeing each other, that afternoon became a reunion for Vita (34) and her family who had been helped by Tzu Chi, with Ayen and Yang Pit Lu, volunteers who accompanied them in the past.

This is How Tzu Chi Volunteers Promote Eco-Friendly Agriculture

This is How Tzu Chi Volunteers Promote Eco-Friendly Agriculture

06 October 2021
The success of the big harvest using eco-enzyme fertilizer was confirmed by Otong Koswara (53) one of the agricultural service officers from the District Bogor. Otong is very grateful to Tzu Chi for helping and socializing by introducing eco-enzyme organic fertilizer.

The beauty of humanity lies in honesty. The value of humanity lies in faith.
- Kata Perenungan Master Cheng Yen -